Friday, May 29, 2009

Pink Struck

Found some MoJo
I know it's been along time

You must have a working knowledge of PSP.
Click tag to get full view

I am useing the work of Elias Chatzoudis
you must have a license to use his work
and you can get it over at MPT HERE

FTU Scrap Kit Call Pink Struck from Foxy
over at Foxy's Designz you can find it HERE
Make sure you leave some Love while downloading
It goes along way
Thanks Sweetie!!

Font & Mask of choice
I am useing Media Gotic &
Mask #84 from Chelle of Weescotslas Creations
you can find it HERE
Thanks Again Hun!!..Muah

Ready? Get Comfy
Easy Peasy

Open a new canvas 700 x 700
Copy & Paste a paper of choice
Layers/New Mask Layer & find your mask
in the drop down box
On your layers pallette/Merge/Merge Group

Copy & Paste Frame 2
Selection Tool/Draw a Square around the frame
Selections/Modify/Expand by 5
Copy & Paste Paper of choice
Selections/Invert/Hit Delete on your keyboard
Dropshadow Frame

Effects/Texture Effects/Weave
Gap Size~2
Weave & Gap Color~White

Find Ribbon's 1 & 2
Copy & Paste
Image/Flip both
Move to the top of your Frame
Dropshadow both

Tube of choice
Copy & Paste where you wish

Grab the Butterfly Charm
and Place it to the left of the Frame

Copy & Paste
Flower 2
Place it on top of your Butterfly Charm

Find the Bling Doodle 2
Place it on top of the Flower
I erased the doodle part as much as I could
Dropshadow it

Find Tag 2
Copy & Paste
Resize & Place it to the right hand side
of the Frame

Find the Star you are wanting to use
Resize & Place it on top of the Tag

Grab Flower 4 or any other one
Place it to the right bottom of the frame

Find one of the buttons & Resize
and place it in the middle of your flower

You don't have to use the same one's that I
did make it your own mine is just a guide

Get the Diamone Rope
and place them where you wish
but above your mask layer

Add your Artist Copywrite & Your Name
Your Done

This Tut was written by Me on May 28, 2009
Any resemblance to another tutorial is purely coincidental.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Speed Freak

Found my Mojo, I think
even tho I really don't like it
I'm ready for the Coca-Cola 600 tomorrow
Go Jr!!

You must have a working knowledge of Psp to do this Tut
Click Tag to get full view


I am useing the Beautiful work of Barbara Jensen
You must have a License to use her work and you
can get that HERE

FTU Scrap from Tantrum called Speed Limit
you can find her Awesome Freebies HERE
Thank You Hun!!
Make sure you leave some love, it does go along way

Font of choice
I'm useing Arizona

Mask of choice or the one
I used is from Weescotslass #84
you can find it HERE

Ready? Get Comfy
Another Easy Peasy one

Open a new canvas 700/700
Find a Paper that you want to use
Layers/New Mask Layer/Mask of choice
Merge/Merge Group

Find Frame 10
Image/Rotate/Right 90 degrees
Click inside with your Magic Wand
Selections/Expand by 5
Copy & Paste the paper that looks like a race
track or one of you choice
I applied my mask to this layer
Dropshadow Frame

Find the little Bows
Place them up over the holes in the frame
I colorized mine
You don't have to, I just wanted to add some color
Dropshadow both

Get the flames
Place them at the bottom of the frame
along the edge
I colorized these as well

Grab your tube that you are going to use
Place it where you wish

Find the Ribbon your going to use
and place it down at the bottom of the frame

Get the Speed Freak wording
and place where you wish or any other sign
Dropshadow it

Add your copywrite & your Name
Woot!! Your Done

Written by JrBabe May 23, 2009
Any resemblance to another tutorial is purely coincidental.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Another Award!!!

Again I got another Award
This Fabby Award come from a
Good Friend Bright over at Bright's Kreationz
go check her out HERE
Thank You G/F!!!
Sorry it took so long
I've been really busy

Hello Everyone!!!

No I haven't fell off the end of the Earth
Monday morning May 11th I got a phone call
from my 19 yr old daughter saying she was haveing
alot of pain and that her Grandma was on her way
to pick her up, well she took her to the ER to find out what
was going on. Back in Feb. she had a Kidney Stone & she
thought she had passed it. Well they took a CT Scan & it
really didn't show one, so they did blood work & found alot
of infection. So they ended up admitting her & did more test
well the hospital back at home is so small it was best if
they transferred her to a bigger one cause they really
wasn't for sure what was going one cause it could have
been her Appendix or Gallbladder as well. So I spent 2
long days sitting in a hospital. Well come to find out
on that Tuesday night she did have a Stone that was stuck
so they ended up doing surgery on Wednesday morning.
Than I came home & had to do a Phonebook route for some
extra money & just finished that today. I have been working
on the Weekends as well. I really need a Vaca. So that's where I
have been. Plus the time I have been able to have computer time PLUS
time to myself I'm not finding my MOJO. ANYONE SEEN IT?
If so let me know. Have tried to do some tags but than just
end up trashing them. So hopefully I will get some Tuts up again soon.
Hope everyone has been good.