Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My Apoligies

I just want to say So Sorry about not being here & getting some Tuts up.
I had 2 emergency situtations come up at the end of Feb. that I had to go home for.
Than had to bring my 15 year old daugther home with me cause he Dad had abused her.
So we had to move things out of our spare bedroom & get her settled in than had
to get her enrolled in school. She is settleing in just fine & came home with 2 boys
phone numbers yesterday (after 2 days of a new school) SHOCK. We where there
last Friday finding her classrooms & her locker & I seen one of these boys CHECK HER OUT.
I was like HELLO, I'm her MOTHER, I'm right here. Well he did admitt it yesterday that YES he did look at her ARSE. I told her that I would meet him at the door with a shot gun, she says MOM.
Just Kidding. So that's why I haven't had any MOJO. Plus on of my Home Health Clients has been moveing and trying to get her settled as well. UGGG. So hopefully when things get settled here more I will get my MOJO back.