Saturday, August 8, 2009

Hey Everyone!!

Hello Out There!!!
I'm so so sorry I haven't been around.
Working full time is really kicking my arse.
I had to clean a 4 story Sority last week than
did a clean out on a house the day after that.
Than Sunday my Pregnant 19 yr old called and was
very uncomfortable & I thought maybe she was in labor
but come to find out she had another Kidney Stone.
Had surgery that afternoon but couldn't keep food down
so we couldn't leave till Monday.
This week I've been trying to catch up on MY housework
and sleep well the sleep part hasn't worked.
So hopefully I will be back to PSPin & Tuttin soon.
Next week I have to go in & clean the Sority again than
the following week school starts THAN I have to be in that
Sority at 7am several days that week cause of all the party's they have.
Boss doesn't know she's better be paying me more to go in & pick up
after teenagers. But Oh Well.
So anywho got to get to my email cause I have tons.
Hope everyone's been good.

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